What is the Process for Buying a New Home?

Whether it is your first home purchase or one of several home purchases you’ve made, there are always personal considerations and contract issues that are to be considered.

** Price

What is the current market? How much can I afford? How much do I really want to spend?

Meeting with a lender is one of the first steps in the buying process. Having a price range in mind can help you zero in on what type of home you want be it single family or condo/townhomes.

** Where do I want to live?

There are many considerations when selecting the area you want to live. You may want a home in the foothills, or in the heart of downtown Denver. You may want close proximity to amenities such as shopping, restaurants, schools, access to transportation and access to major thoroughfares. Susan can search the listings to find properties that will fit your wants and needs.

** What amenities do you want in your home?

What style of home do you prefer, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, formal dining, car storage, yard size, to name just a few?

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